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miercuri, 1 septembrie 2010

My first tutorial on Videojug

A week ago or so I got an email from a real person telling me to join Videojug pages (at first, I swear, I thought it was spam, smart me I opened it). She said she saw my page, my blog "Handmade by Lexis" and was impressed and asked me if I wanted to join the network.

I hadn't made any jewelry lately because I had some issues. Actually, I thought... I still think I'm not going to continue doing this... the blog, the accessories. I lost my will, my passion and I don't know if I'm ever going to get them back.

I usually believe in signs and maybe this e-mail was a sign so I looked into it and tonight I finished up my first tutorial. I made a very simple pair of earrings, something everybody should be capable of doing. It was just for the beginning, maybe if it's gonna work, if I get some money for it to pay up my resources I'll do some more. I don't know.

I'm sorry guys for letting you down with this. I let myself down with this, I really don't know what happened, why I don't feel the peace and quiet I felt a few months ago when I was working on bracelets and earrings or whatever the hell I was working on. I'm just sinking and have no idea where the boat is to rescue me.

Maybe there is no boat.

p.s. I hope you liked the tutorial though :)

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